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Gold Plated Angelus Praesidium Ingot Bar – 5 Bar Vault Brick

Gold Plated Angelus Praesidium Ingot Bar – 5 Bar Vault Brick

Indulge in the luxury of owning the one-of-a-kind Angelus Praesidium Ingot Bar, a testament to your discerning taste and appreciation for the finer things in life. These exclusive full half-ounce .999 pure silver bars, enhanced with 24 Karat Gold, are more than just a possession – they are a piece of history, a symbol of elegance, and a reflection of your legacy.

SHIP TIME: A limited quantity of 248 gold-plated silver bars is authorized to ship immediately after that orders take four to six weeks to be minted and shipped.

Ancient Civilizations Reimagined
The Angelus Praesidium Ingot-Bar is a journey through time, capturing the spirit of ancient empires. Own a piece that embodies royal heritage, educational milestones, and architectural wonders. 

Exclusivity in Design
These limited-edition & one-of-a-kind ingot bars, with their meticulous craftsmanship and 24K gold plating, are a symbol of rarity and prestige. They are a must-have for discerning collectors. Each Bar is composed of .999 Pure Silver with actual 24 Karat Gold.

Emotional Heirloom
Holding this bar connects you to history’s great leaders and innovators. More than silver, it’s a narrative-rich heirloom, echoing through generations.

A Limited-Time Opportunity
Join the exclusive circle of Angelus Praesidium Ingot-Bar owners. A symbol of cultural depth and expert craftsmanship.

  • 5 Total Bars of .999 Certified Pure Silver plated in 24k gold
  • Each Vault Brick contains 5 Bars with protective capsules placed in the center of the Brick
  • Vault Brick safely protects these precious metal gold-plated bars 
  • These highly-valued Silver bars are mined, refined, minted, and struck in the United States


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Gold Plated Angelus Praesidium Ingot Bar - 5 Bar Vault Brick
227 in stock