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Americas Greatest Unsearched Vault Bags

(6 customer reviews)

Americas Greatest Unsearched Vault Bags


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1 $49
2 - 4 9.18 % $45
5+ 20 % $39

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Embark on a numismatic adventure with your  unsearched vault bags. Packed with over 100 U.S. Government-issued coins, including rare finds like the Indian Heads and the Steel WarTime Cents, this collection promises surprises. It’s not just a bag of coins; it’s a treasure hunt waiting.

  • Uncharted Treasure: 
    • Over 100 U.S. Gov’t issued coins await discovery, offering a numismatic adventure.
  • Historic Diversity:
    •  From cherished Indian Heads to elusive S-Mints, a diverse range enriching any collection.
  • Minted Mysteries: 
    • Each coin holds secrets from its era, waiting to be unveiled and appreciated by keen collectors.

Scarce 1908 S Indian Head Coin

The fascinating Indian Head Cents Group – First Minted at least 161 to 111 years ago, some Historical Civil War – with Lady Liberty in Native American Head Dress…

Official Red Book Collector Value: $90.00

Scarce 1914 D Wheat Coin

The fascinating Lincoln Copper Wheat Cents Group – First Minted over 110 years ago, some from San Francisco and with Decades of the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s with “Honest” Abe Lincoln and United States “Farmland” Wheat Stalks

Official Red Book Collector Value: $215.00

Scarce 1943 S Steel War Time Coin

The fascinating Steel Cents Group – First minted in February 1943, called “War Time Cents’ due to copper reallocation (the only coins to stick to a magnet) some from San Francisco, some Denver, and some Philadelphia.

Official Red Book Collector Value: $6.00

6 reviews for Americas Greatest Unsearched Vault Bags

    September 13, 2023
    Five bags - only one post-'59 penny in them, 25 Indian Heads, at least that many steel cents, and around 45-50 Lincolns pre-1940 - mostly in the '10s and '20s. Pretty good results!
    Paul Marker
    August 15, 2023
    Was disappointed that all 3 of the bags i bought had nothing but pennies. And yhe same in each one. Not happy!
    July 6, 2023
    Most of the coins were the same year. I ordered 3 bags and got almost the same thing in every bag. They say "unsearched". They arent unsearched. They are hand picked and counted and put into the bags. I like the old coins, the problem is they are NOT unsearched as advertised.
    Michael J Hayes
    June 1, 2023
    Absolute rip off. All pennies. 6 steel cents, a few wheat, and the majority 2000 or newer.
    Gregory s Ballaine
    May 25, 2023
    Barney Oglesby
    May 2, 2023
    Very happy with the coins received only complaint i have is the time it takes to ship an order.
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Americas Greatest Unsearched Vault Bags