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Americas Greatest Silver and Obsolete Vault Bags

Americas Greatest Silver and Obsolete Vault Bags

Dive deep into a numismatic journey with a bag teeming with some of the most sought-after U.S. coins. Each coin, no longer in circulation, is a silent storyteller of its era. From silver’s gleam to copper’s sheen, every piece stands as a testament to the art and history of American minting.

  • Numismatic Ensemble: 
    • An array of rare and iconic coins, each bearing distinct stories from different times.
  • Minted Elegance: 
    • Handpicked coins, a testament to the numismatic expertise and the rich tapestry of American history.
  • Metallic Narratives: 
    • From the sheen of silver to the historic value of copper, every coin has a unique tale.


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Wheat Cents

Wheat cents were produced from 1909, the 100th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, through 1958, a 50-year span. Seldom encountered anymore, “Wheaties” is probably the most widely collected of United States coins. They get their name from the wheat ears found on the reverse side of the coins.

Mercury Dimes

Mercury dimes are another popular way to own silver. These 10 cent pieces are composed of 90% silver and 10% copper. Mercury dimes feature Miss Liberty with wings crowning her cap. This symbolizes liberty of thought. These dimes were produced from 1916 through 1945.

Steel Cents

Steel cents were produced for one year only in 1943. Due to a shortage of copper during World War II, steel cents coated with zinc turned out to be an acceptable substitute for the copper cents made in the previous years. Most steel cents are plagued with a rust problem and rust-free specimens are seldom seen these days.

Silver Washington Quarters

Silver Washington quarters were minted from 1932 through 1964. These silver coins are 90% pure silver with an addition of 10% copper. These quarters contain exactly 2 ½ times the amount of silver as a silver dime.

Indian Head Cents

Indian head cents are very popular and highly collected. These strictly American themed coins were produced from 1859 through 1909. The obverse features Miss Liberty wearing an Indian headdress. These century-old coins are seldom seen or encountered these days.

Franklin Half Dollars

Franklin half dollars are large size silver coins composed of 90% silver and 10% copper. The obverse features Benjamin Franklin, with the reverse showing the Liberty Bell. These large silver coins contain over 1/3 of an ounce of pure silver and are a popular way to own silver

Buffalo Nickels

Buffalo nickels are all American coins. Produced from 1913 through 1938, these popular coins feature an American Indian profile on the obverse with an American Bison (nicknamed Buffalo) on the reverse. Coins with full clear dates are seldom encountered as the date was usually worn away through circulation.

Eisenhower Dollars

Eisenhower dollars are known as the last of the large size dollar coins issued in the United States. Produced from 1971 through 1978, these coins are seldom encountered anymore and are quite popular due to their large size.

Liberty Head Nickels

Liberty head nickels are better known as “V” nickels. The large Roman numeral V on the reverse side represents the number 5, the value in cents of the coin. All “V” nickels are well over one hundred years old, as they were minted from 1883 through 1912. Seeing coins with full 4 digit dates is a bonus as they were heavily circulated.

War Nickels

War nickels were the only United States five-cent coins that ever contained the precious metal of silver. During the War years of 1942 through 1945, silver was introduced to eliminate nickel, a critical war material. Notice the large mint marks on the back of the war nickels indicating a change of alloy (or composition) of the coins.

Bison Nickels

The Bison nickel is a popular commemorative coin. This five-cent piece was part of the Louis and Clark Westwood Journey series issued in 2004-2005. The coin’s reverse features an American bison in profile. These nickels are seldom seen these days.

Silver Roosevelt Dimes

Silver Roosevelt dimes were minted from 1946 through 1964. These 10 cent pieces are composed of 90% silver and 10% copper. With silver considered a precious metal, these dimes will always command a premium over their face value if you ever decide to sell them.

Bicentennial Quarters

Bicentennial quarters were issued in 1976 to celebrate our nation’s 200th anniversary. The obverse features the dual date 1776-1976. The reverse shows a military drummer facing left with a victory torch on the upper left.

National Park Quarters

National Park quarters were first issued in 2010 with the program ending in 2021. Officially called America the Beautiful Quarter program, these commemorative quarters honor a site of “natural beauty or historic significance” from each of the 50 states, five US territories, and the District of Columbia

Presidential Dollars

Presidential dollars were issued from 2007 through 2016. Former presidents are honored on these golden-colored, one-dollar coins. A total of 39 presidents had a coin issued in their honor.

Pre-1966 Nickels

Pre-1966 nickels are included in your America’s Greatest Silver and Obsolete coin vault bag. The composition of these collectible coins is 25% nickel and 75% copper. These five-cent pieces contain more than their face value in the base metal.


As an added bonus to your vault bag, we’ve added several gold-plated quarters to the lot. Yes, these are state quarters plated with real 24 karat gold. Some bags also receive a John F. Kennedy Half Dollar, and some include a Susan B. Anthony Dollar. Look out for these coins if you purchase additional America’s Greatest Silver and Obsolete Coin Vault Bags.


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Americas Greatest Silver and Obsolete Vault Bags