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America’s Greatest Brilliant Uncirculated Unsearched Vault Bags

America’s Greatest Brilliant Uncirculated Unsearched Vault Bags


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Each vault bag filled with over 300 coins. These coins are fascinating! You might find obsolete and valued Cents from any of six different designs. You will find all coins in Mint-State New Brilliant Uncirculated condition that are over 10 years old. These uncirculated coins are desired by coin enthusiasts because of their condition and each has a story to tell. You may find “last year of issue” 2008 Lincoln Memorials introduced in 1959 on the 150th Anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth. You may find “first year of issue” 2010 Union Shields representing Lincoln’s preservation of the United States with “E Pluribus Unum” meaning “Out of Many, One”, the motto of the United States. And last but not least, 2009 coins representing 100 years of the Lincoln Cent, going back to 1909. Each collectible 2009 design represents the four major eras of Lincoln’s life: Birth (1809-1816), Formative Years (1816-1830), Professional Life (1830-1861) and Presidency in Washington, D.C. (1861-1865). These coins are seldom seen in Mint-State condition.

And it gets even better. We do not search these vault bags for scarce or rare condition coins. We select obsolete and seldom seen Brilliant Uncirculated coins from the Lincoln Treasury Vaults, count them out, and ship them to you. You might find coins worth many times their face value in your vault bag. We have included several premium capsules to protect any coins you choose. Have fun choosing which coins are your favorites.

While serious coin collectors may not always agree on an exact “grade”, many “coin enthusiasts” enjoy the extra excitement of searching for near perfect condition coins and “grading” them. In each Brilliant Uncirculated Vault Bag you will find coins that can be graded as high as (Mint-State) MS-65 to MS-67, known as “Gem Uncirculated” condition which are Above-Average Uncirculated. It is unlikely that you will find coins in “Perfect Uncirculated” condition which could be graded as MS-70. Many of your coins will be in “Choice Uncir- culated” MS-63 condition. Have fun grading your coins from MS-60 (Uncirculated) to MS-63 (Choice Uncirculated) to MS-65+ (Gem Uncirculated). Keep it simple at first, and seperate them into “good”, “better”, “best” categories. Handle brilliant uncirculated coins with gloves to protect their extra value.

We are enthusiastic about coins and want to share our passion with you. America’s Greatest Brilliant Uncirculated Unsearched Vault Bags are a fun and rewarding way to explore Mint-State American coinage. Thank you, and enjoy this exciting and rewarding hobby.


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America’s Greatest Brilliant Uncirculated Unsearched Vault Bags