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U.S. Residents hit Jackpot with ‘Old Vegas’ Casino Rolls

UP FOR GRABS: Casino Rolls loaded with rarely seen U.S. Gov’t American Eagle Dollar Coins just like the old Casino Slots paid out, all coins are decades old, never to be minted again.

Smiling couple holding a Casino Roll, standing in front of the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign.

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3 Casino Rolls (Vegas Sign, Slots, & Showgirls)

American Eagle Ike Large Dollar

Minted in Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco featuring a majestic eagle swooping over the moon’s surface commemorating the original Lunar Landing.

Step into Vegas History

Where Every Coin Tells a Story of Fame and Fortune!

Historic Coins

Each roll contains 1 – 40% Silver Amercian Eagle Ike Dollar & 14 American Eagle Ike Dollar coins for a total of 15 Coins, once vital to old Vegas casinos, with minting halting in 1978, adding scarcity to every roll.

Iconic Design

Created by renowned sculptor Frank Gasparro, the obverse showcases President Dwight D. Eisenhower, while the reverse depicts an American Eagle landing on the Moon, honoring Apollo 11.

Collector’s Delight

Their unique size and timeless design have heightened their popularity among collectors, offering a mix of historical, aesthetic, and nostalgic value.

Quality and Specifications

Each coin has a diameter of 38.1 mm, thickness of 2.58 mm, reeded edge, and weight of 22.68 g and has been verified to be in Very Good Collector Condition or better.

Claim Your Slice of Vegas History Now

We can only hold these valuable “Old Vegas” rolls for a limited time, so please do not miss this deadline. After that the price per coin is expected to skyrocket to $17.
Greetings from Las Vegas postcard - Sands Hotel, with 3 Casino Rolls (Slots, Showgirls, & Vegas Sign) on a craps table

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